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artAs a professional everybody wants to stand out in chosen field of work and outdo their competitors which is not only the result of merely hard work and luck. It’s about knowing how to define success for yourself and how to get into the right frame of mind to achieve it.

Art of Success for professionals is designed to help the working professionals realize their true potential and to introduce every individual with their unique skills and power which they can utilize to achieve professional excellence. Training sessions intend to endue participants with all the skills and traits essential to excel in corporate world.Our endeavor with AK Mishra’s Art of Success sessions is to constantly innovate and re-invent the wheel in order to help individuals explore their potential.

Our seasoned trainers at the training session will help you get the hang of time management and skills management so that you could better manage both your personal as well as professional life. Once you master work-life balance techniques, you will not only contribute to the growth of the organization but also play a vital role in your family. You will also get a good fix on how your efforts can shape the growth of a company that you use to consider insignificant and trivial before.

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Be a whole brain thinker. Use your reason and emotion always together. Yes it's challenging. But only this practice can bring success and happiness in your life. --Success Guru AK Mishra

Aos Professional Procedure

The Procedure

  • Our R&D department does a thorough health check up for your business, understands for a week your areas of concern
  • Provides with a health report card and where we can support with a definite ROI based module
  • R&D team hands over the health report to AOS experts for their further inputs and for drafting the training module
  • We pick few attendees for face to face sample of training to analyse and understand different psychology of the attendees. 
  • After the sample training, we do metrics where pre-training forms are dully filled by the participants.
  • According to the metrics, we enroll the participants for our 1 day to 3 months of training depending on the option chosen by the participants. 
  • Post training review form for feedback about training
  • Post - performance review form after 15 days of training – for analyzing success matrix
  • Art of Success for Professional is a need based training and is chosen by companies wanting to bring success transformation and for regular upgradation of knowledge benefits of their employees
  • AOS is highly appreciated by firms who have a strong belief in their human resource and who wish to keep themselves on a benchmark amodst competition for others to follow. Some of those companies are: Samsung, Amity University, DD National, etc.

Aos Professional eligibility

Training Eligibility

This module is best suited for professionals between the age group of 18-35 years of age.

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AOS for Professionals


AOS for Professionals

AK Mishra sorely believes that the creator has sent every human being with a unique individuality and impeccable traits, and AK Mishra’s Art of success majorly focuses upon helping its audience to discover those qualities and transform every individual into an extremely successful person in every sphere of life.

AOS reprograms the mind and allows one to establish an intimate relationship with our consciousness to consistently excel in one’s personal and professional life. Art of Success sessions for successful offer each individual specific skills and patterns necessary to make positive changes, create new possibilities, be more effective with others, drop inhibitions, overcome fear of rejection, setting the goals and to be a crucial pillar of their organization.

This specialized Art of Success session is going to tap you into your deepest values so you engage fully with your goals, help you identify your unique style of work and to boost your performance, are Art of Success session will inject qualities in you of becoming an assertive decision maker and enhance your productivity. 

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Aos Professional Success Stories

Success Stories

What Participants Gained

  • It was such an inspiring session. And as promised by AK Mishra’s Art of Success team, I truly transformed myself and became more enthusiastic towards my profession and my organizational growth. My emotional capacity, physical self and entire personality has improved because I realized that potential within myself which will take me to the heights. There is no room for depression now. Thanks to AK Mishra’s Art of Success.”
  • AK Mishra’s Art of Success presents a powerful combination of practical approaches that have been honed to a package (taught by Mr. AK Mishra and the Trainers) of incredible power that stays with you. Any accomplishments that someone will list after my name in future will come largely because of this experience. It was such an informative seminar.
  • I constantly encouraged throughout the session. And I don’t feel it over dramatic saying that AK Mishra’s Art of Success session has changed my Life for better.
  • Everything changed after attending AK Mishra’s Art of Success session because I then understood the obstacles to my full potential and how to deal with them and create the potential for love and fulfillment in my life.
  • I heartily congratulate to the entire team of AK Mishra’s Art of Success and thankful to them for organizing such sessions for professionals. It really boosted me and I acquired abundant of knowledge from AK Mishra and the trainers which will surely help me to grow as professional and in personal sphere as well.